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Our story.

StepEx was founded in 2017 by Daniel George, who realised that to achieve your professional potential you need to invest in yourself. From humble roots, he was unable to get the finance he needed for an MBA but was fortunate enough to get a scholarship instead. He realised that very few scholarships are avilable and that many people with high potential cannot afford the qualifications to achieve their professional goals.

The product was designed and developed with experienced leaders from the finance industry and the UK’s financial regulator. Daniel founded StepEx to create a new way to finance education that gives equal opportunity to all. The ethos of the company has been driven by his belief that your career should be based on where you are capable of going and not where you have been.

You deserve the opportunity to be your best.

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If you are comfortable that you understand what an FEA is and that you think you may be eligible then please apply.

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If you have any questions about FEAs and the answer is not on our FAQ page then please contact us via email at info@stepex.co