At a Glance - our current Funding Capacity.

The next step in Your Career starts here.

Step 1

Are you eligible for an FEA?

You must: Be over 18 years old, Be a UK or EU citizen, Have not committed any financial crime, Agree to our background checks, Have a UK bank account, Have been accepted by your course provider.

Step 2

Complete your Application

Use below link to access the application form and if you have any questions then please email them to

Step 3

Undertake your Course

If your application is successful we will liaise directly with your course provider regarding the fees covered by your FEA. You can then engage on your course and concentrate on obtaining your qualification.

Step 4

Share your Success

Once you qualify we will be back in touch to remind you about what you need to do to satisfy the terms of your FEA contract. If at any stage you are unsure or have questions our Servicing Team will be available to help you - contact them at

Key Features of an FEA

Make sure that you understand the key features, benefits and requirements of an FEA.

Want more Information?

If you have any questions about FEAs and the answer is not on our FAQ page then please contact us via email at