Why become a Partner with StepEx?


Some of the reasons why our Partner Universities think that FEAs through StepEx are the way forward:-

Attract and retain a diverse student population

Provide access for minority populations

Raise academic standards by recruiting from a broader universe

Improve retention rates

Practical alternative to scholarship funds

Proven relationships - see Testimonial from Cranfield University


Some of the capabilities that we offer our Bootcamp Partners:-

New entrants can “prove their value” with respect to the future earnings of their borrowers.

Ensure that academic standards are met by recruiting from a broader universe.

StepEx take responsibility for the administration of FEAs including regulatory requirements, application, pricing, contracting and servicing.

Capital providers

StepEx funds can be bespoke to your goals. Investing in the education of a diversified pool of students that meet the parameters that we set or that you define for criteria of students, course or targeted investment returns. Your investment will provide education institutions with a portion of upfront fee payment in exchange for a share of their students future earnings. This provides education institutions to offer more FEAs per cohort.

For each fund, StepEx will forecast individual students’ income curves and the variability of those curves. Aligning student selection and contract pricing with the fund's objectives for risk, financial and social return. Although the earnings forecast of any individual cannot be guaranteed, the creation of funds reduces the idiosyncratic risks of having a portfolio of students.

The Funds are regulated by the FCA and have a different volatility correlation versus traditional capital market products.

We understand that your requirements may be unique so please feel free to contact us to discuss at info@stepex.co - equally if you have defined objectives we are happy to help you determine how you can achieve those goals.

What is an FEA?

Learn more about this new and unique financial product for which StepEx is the only FCA Regulated provider.

Who are StepEx?

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