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Generate returns insulated from macro shocks by investing in labour market qualifications and help talent reach its potential

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Student Finance
cheap and flexible

Affordable finance with income linked repayments.
Average representative 9% APR (variable)*.

*Your APR may be higher or lower as repayments are directly linked to your income after graduation, not a fixed or variable interest rate.

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Debt limits potential

Most of our best talent is wasted because 90% of it is born into a less wealthy family. Debt providers charge the disadvantaged more than they charge the wealthy, which means 10x higher costs for a qualification that leads to higher future incomes, entrenching poverty.

Disadvantaged students are charged more because debt requires fixed repayments regardless of income, this results in early defaults when income is lower.

Debt providers are exposed to the downside risk of those who default but do not share the upside of those who succeed, meaning exclusion of many and high rates for the rest.

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Angel investment in the labour market

For centuries, angel investment has driven innovation and productivity for high potential organisations, providing the funds needed to drive growth and success.

Now it can enable human talent to fulfil its potential for all segments of society.

Investors provide the funds for a qualification in return for a share of the borrower’s future income over a defined period.

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Everyone wins

Talented students from all backgrounds can fund the qualifications and training they need to reach their potential. Repayments are linked to their income so that they are affordable.

Investors share in the income of tomorrow through an asset that provides the only exposure to the labour market, a natural hedge to capital market assets.

When our best and brightest have the opportunity to reach their highest potential, we all benefit from a more productive workforce.

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Generate returns while funding the next generation of innovators

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