Your future career in tech starts here.

DataScientest is an online learning institution that offers a personalised pedagogical & professional experience, with practice-oriented coaching and concrete business use-cases to learn from. 

While students benefit from a flexible self-learning phase, a team of experts in the IT and Tech field are always available, follow the learners in their process, and accompany them in the improvement of their skills in various areas. Each student receives access to DataScientest’s own ready-to-code learning environment, which means that participants can work individually from anywhere, and whenever they would like to. By offering a professional diploma given out by the Elite University Sorbonne in Paris, DataScientest guarantees the recognition of a learner’s degree. 

Since DataScientest was founded in 2017, they have helped over 10,000 learners from various backgrounds and countries to upskill their Data Science and Tech knowledge to the next level. Today, over 500 partner companies trust in the high level of education offered by DataScientest to train their employees, or even recruit graduates from their programmes. In addition to the various other career help initiatives of the team, DataScientest’s mission is to follow each learner from the beginning to the end of their specific upskilling journey. 


Key Features of the Future Earnings Agreements (FEAs)

Future Earnings Agreement: With this agreement, you commit to repaying a fixed percentage of your post-course earnings, but only when your gross annual income is at least €22,000. Your total repayment amount is directly linked to your future income, requiring you to pay less than the average earner if your earnings are

lower and more if they are higher. Rest assured, there is a cap on the maximum amount you could ever repay, set at twice the amount borrowed.


How to apply for the FEA

1. Apply for your course.

2. Once accepted complete the StepEx application form.

3. Check your email to complete the Identity Verification and provide Open Banking Access.

4. If approved, complete the arrangement fee payment.

5. Read the terms of your financing and sign your financing contract with StepEx.

6.. Start your course.

Details of the DataScientest Student Offer

Repayments are set to start once you graduate and start earning at least €22,000. You will then repay a small percentage of your income for a fixed period of time. Depending on your post-course performance you might repay 0 if your gross annual earnings are below 22,000, or you might repay more than the amount borrowed if you excel in your career after the course. The maximum amount you might ever repay is limited to twice the amount borrowed. Please see below more information on the student offer.



Student Offer Details: €500 + 9% of your gross annual earnings for the first 48 months in which your gross earnings are the equivalent of at least €22,000 per annum. The maximum amount payable is capped at €13,000 and the maximum term of the contract is 96 months.




Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for StepEx financing is defined by both StepEx and the education provider.

To be eligible for finance you must:


• Be aged over 18

• Have been offered a place on your course

• Not be on any sanctions or watchlists

• Be likely to be able to afford repayments

• Not have a history of non-repayment of your financial obligations

• Be suitable for this type of product


In addition, your education provider has imposed the following eligibility criteria for course places that can be financed with this agreement. These may be based on your right to work, characteristics that are uncommon on the course and your creditworthiness:


• Be a UK / EU citizen

• Be a UK / EU resident with the right to work in the UK/EU for at least one year post graduation



With the Future Earnings Agreement, your repayment period is postponed until you start earning at least 22,000. 


However, there are a number of administration charges that you must pay from your own resources to benefit from the features of the Future Earnings Agreements, and some charges that are consequent on your choices or behaviour:

  1. Application fee

    There is a 20 initial charge for confirming your details such as ID and residency and for assessing your financial capabilities – your present or anticipated future income and your spending commitments. That enables us to determine what level of monthly payments are likely to be affordable for you. If we determine that you qualify for participation in the FEA, you will then be made an offer for the applicable Voucher amount.

  2. Arrangement fee + Course Reservation fee

    There is a €500 fee for processing your full application and reserving your seat once your ID and ability to afford repayments have been confirmed. Please note the fees are necessary for the setup  process and do not contribute towards your education costs.

  3. Default charge

    If you fail to make the required payments for 90 days we reserve the right to terminate your agreement in which case all outstanding repayments become due. We then reserve the right to pass the debt to a debt collection service that may charge you for their costs of collecting the debt from you.


The full terms and conditions of the financing agreement are set out in your credit agreement.