What is an FEA?

Future Earnings Agreements, FEAs, are the next generation of student finance

FEAs are new and bespoke to this market. They are Accessible, Affordable and Aligned.

Who can get an FEA?

Eligibility is determined based upon your circumstances, your course and the course provider.

You can apply before you have an offer and will receive course funding once registered.

Who are StepEx?

We are the only regulated provider of FEAs.

StepEx is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and FEAs are all that we do. This means that our customers know that they are being treated fairly, there is full transparency of relevant information and we operate to the world’s highest financial standards.

Which course providers offer Future Earnings Agreements?

FEAs are primarily intended for leading postgraduate courses and bootcamp qualifications

Our partners range from the most prestigious universities offering masters degrees through to niche bootcamps offering the latest technical and specialist courses.

Get started now

If you are comfortable that you understand what an FEA is and that you think you may be eligible then please apply.

Want more information?

If you have any questions about FEAs and the answer is not on our FAQ page then please contact us via email at info@stepex.co