The University of Buckingham

The University of Buckingham believes in, and invests in, its students, sharing with them the financial risk of a higher education.

The University of Buckingham has partnered with StepEx to be the first UK university to offer home undergraduates the opportunity to defer payment of part of their tuition fees until after graduation, with repayments tied to their graduate earnings, so the interests of students and university are aligned.

With this scheme the prestigious and independent University of Buckingham’s short degrees (two-year and two-year one term) become even more accessible.

Up to £12,340 of tuition fees can be deferred by entering into a “Future Earnings Agreement” (FEA) with StepEx. StepEx then arrange for a discount on course fees equal to the amount borrowed for the relevant course at the University of Buckingham. The FEA requires you to pay modest administration fees while studying, with the repayment obligation deferred until you graduate and earn above a defined level of income.

Understanding Future Earnings Agreements

The concepts that underlie the terms of an FEA are:

Total Amount of Credit

This is the amount of tuition fees that have been deferred – so reducing the tuition fees that need to be paid while studying your course. For each course there is a maximum amount that may be deferred, but you can choose to defer a smaller amount in defined increments.

Agreed Percentage of Income

This is the proportion of your gross annual income that you must pay after graduation, so long as you are earning above the Income Threshold.

Gross Annual Income

For repayment purposes, your annual income is your pre-tax earnings as defined by StepEx in your credit contract.

Monthly Instalments

The actual amount to be repaid each month. Although your Monthly Instalments will vary with changes in your earnings, the ‘percentage’ of your estimated annual earnings stays the same.

Minimum Income Threshold

Repayments are automatically paused whenever your estimated annual income is less than the Income Threshold. If you’re unemployed or earning less than this amount, you won’t have to make any payments.

Maximum Total Amount Payable

For high earners, the most you might have to pay in total is limited by the Maximum Total Amount Payable. If the sum of your monthly instalments hits the Maximum Total Amount Payable, your payment obligations stop, even if you have made a smaller number of payments than the number of Required Monthly Instalments.

Required Monthly Instalments

This is the number of monthly repayments of your agreed percentage of income you are required to make, unless you exercise the Option or have reach the Maximum Total Amount Payable. Months when your earnings are below the Income Threshold do not count towards this figure.

Payment Window (Waiver 3)

This is the maximum timeframe for which you have a payment obligation. Even if you have paid nothing back, or less than the amount deferred, your FEA will automatically terminate at the end of the Payment Window. The start date of this payment window typically begins on your course end date, the exact definition of this can be found in your credit contract.

How it works

Apply to the University of Buckingham for one of the qualifying courses

Note: courses with foundation year are not available with this financing option

Once you have been approved onto your course apply to StepEx to check that you qualify for an FEA voucher

If StepEx grant the voucher and you take up a place at the University of Buckingham, use the voucher towards payment of your fees.

Attend your degree program and study hard!

Graduate & Start Your Career

If you are earning above the Minimum Income Threshold, you will begin paying back your FEA, calculated as a percentage of your pre-tax (gross) earnings

Your FEA is satisfied and payments cease when you achieve any of the below:

  1. You have made the required number of monthly payments
  2. The sum of your payments reach the Payment Cap
  3. Your Payment Window elapses (it does not matter how much you paid).


To qualify to apply for a FEA you must be a home student (check what that means here) proposing to study one of the qualifying undergraduate courses.[ii]

Terms of The University of Buckingham FEAs


 Future Earnings Agreements

Total Amount of Credit

Up to £12,340

Agreed Percentage of Income

6.5% for £12,340 (smaller funding increments available pro rata)[iii]

Required Monthly Instalments


Minimum Income Threshold


Maximum Total Amount Payable

2 x Deferred Fees Amount

Payment Window

15 years


In addition to the repayment of your finance agreement the following charges apply:


1. Arrangement fee: £200 


2. Monthly platform fee: £10 starting from the course start date up until the end of the payment window


3. Default charge: If you fail to make the required payments for 90 days we reserve the right to terminate your agreement in which case all outstanding repayments become due. We then reserve the right to pass the debt to a debt collector who will charge you for their costs of collecting the debt from you


FEA terms

 FEA Terms

The maximum you will ever need to repay is 2x the amount borrowed. However, if you decide you would like to repay early, you will typically have to repay 2x the amount borrowed minus any repayments you have already made. This repayment choice is designed to be repaid across the entire repayment term (and not repaid early.)


Amount borrowed: £4,160
% income shared: 2.4%

Amount repaid

Min £0
Expected £5,800
Max £8,320

Early repayment amount:
 (minus repayments made)

Course options


Funding available
Limited capacity
No available capacity
Update pending

Accounting and Finance


Business Economics


Business Enterprise


Business Management with Applied Computing


Business Management


Computing with Accounting and Finance


Computing with Business Management




Digital News and Media (Flexible Honours)


Digital News and Media


Economics (Flexible Honours)


Economics, Business and Law




English Literature (Flexible Honours)


English Literature


History (Flexible Honours)


History and Heritage Management


History of Art (Flexible Honours)


History of Art and Heritage Management


International Relations (Flexible Honours)


International Studies


Law and Criminology


Law with Business Management


Marketing with Media Communications


Modern Languages (Flexible Honours)


Philosophy, Politics and Economics


Psychology with Applied Computing


Psychology with Business Management


Psychology with English Literature


Psychology with French


Psychology with Spanish




Security, Intelligence and Cyber

[i] Please note, there is also a maximum number of students that can have access to FEA vouchers. We do not expect that limit to be reached but will inform you in plenty of time (pre-A level results) if that becomes a limiting factor.
[ii] For example, if you defer £6,240, the agreed percentage of income is 3.6%. The deferred amounts of fees is available at incremements of £2,080 up to £10,400.
[iii] Please note, this amount must be paid even if income related payments have been made previously. The option is therefore most attractive shortly after graduation.